Minnesota Law Firm Highlighted In “Attorney At Law” Magazine

Minnesota Law Firm

Minnesota Law Firm Highlighted In “Attorney At Law” Magazine

Kaufhold & Dix, A Minnesota Law Firm Specializing In Intellectual Property, Recognized As ‘Attorney At Law Magazine’ Law Firm of the Month

Many laws have been put forward to protect ideas and inventions. Intellectual property (IP) covers concepts such as copyrights, patents, and trademarks. As part of the “Law Firm of the Month” feature in Attorney At Law Magazine, writer Haley Freeman profiled Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law in an article titled, Protecting Ideas That are Changing the World.

The article examines the unique way in which Attorney Sean Kaufhold and his team work with solo inventors and small business owners to navigate the complexity of the patent process to protect their ideas. “My typical client has one of two goals,” said Kaufhold. “They want to file because they don’t have the means to make their product themselves and need to get a licensing agreement, or they want to keep the big boys off their backs.”

Intellectual property law can be complex and subject to constant change. For example, in March 2013, the American Invent Act moved the United States from a first to invent system to the internationally accepted first-to-file system. This change has led many inventors to believe that someone can steal their idea by filing before they can, but only the true inventor can file for patent protection.

While IP is not an end goal, securing intellectual property gives companies and individuals alike a leg up in commercializing their inventions. The journey to acquiring patent rights is a lengthy one, and many inventors and entrepreneurs utilize the experienced Minnesota law firm of Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law.

Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law: A South Dakota and Minnesota Law Firm

The process of obtaining intellectual property protection appears simple and can mislead an inventor into applying for a patent without professional legal assistance. Inventors and entrepreneurs, however, typically lack the skills, language, and techniques present in a patent attorney’s toolbox. These skills are critical to a successful application.

Attorney At Law Magazine Honors 20 Years Of Intellectual Property Experience

Kaufhold & Dix is an intellectual property law firm dedicated to protecting the ideas of individuals and businesses alike. Attorneys Sean Kaufhold and Brendan Dix, partners of the Minnesota law firm, leverage their 20 years of experience to walk clients through the murky waters of acquiring and utilizing intellectual property.

Kaufhold & Dix boasts of over 1900 successful patent prosecutions. Irrespective of the nature of the idea, an inventor is in trusted hands. The patent applications with the best chance of success are prepared by patent attorneys with a wide range of experience like those at Kaufhold & Dix.

Affordable Services For Regular People

The patent process can be a costly one. To meet the needs of their hardworking clientele, Attorney Sean Kaufhold designed a flat-fee legal model which is inclusive of all filing, patent drawings, and follow-up costs after filing. Small business owners and individuals don’t live in fear of hidden fees when partnering with Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law.

An applicant can sometimes wait up to two years only to be notified of preliminary rejection from the patent office. What adds insult to injury is when the denial attracts a $2000 bill. Kaufhold & Dix empathizes with this scenario. “I prepare clients for the fact that 80 percent of applications filed are rejected on the first go,” says Kaufhold. Because Kaufhold & Dix realizes that the first office action is usually a rejection, they assure their clients that they are already covered and will not be billed for the response.

Transparent Team

Patent rights are a complex field left in the hands of a few firms. While there are attorneys who seek profit at the cost of the innovators, in South Dakota and Minnesota, Kaufhold & Dix is a law firm who practices the mantra ‘be of service.’

True to the mantra, a new client receives a free consultation during which the team at Kaufhold & Dix analyzes issues from their Sioux Falls and Edina law offices and provides strategic advice. Sometimes that advice includes not spending money with their law firm if it’s not necessary.

The affordable flat-fee legal model is proof of transparency since there is disclosure of all costs without hidden charges.

Friendly Services

It’s not unusual to receive services from an attorney in a suit. The Kaufhold & Dix legal team has however chosen a different route. Does it matter what the attorney adorns? The casual look in their law office is to make clients comfortable while receiving strategic intellectual property advice. Kaufhold finds the relaxed approach increases client comfort and eases the consultation.

In the interview with Attorney At Law Magazine, Kaufhold shared:

“I’m not here to put on airs; I’m here to help. I meet with clients in a button-down shirt and jeans. They don’t come in wearing a suit, and they don’t want to be paying for a suit either.” He continued, “these are people who are getting their hands’ dirty making stuff, and I’m just a regular guy who’s here to help.”

The law firm’s goal is to help clients monetize their patent rights. They consider themselves a team of attorneys who have the best interests of their client’s at heart.

Avoid The Trap

It can be easy for an inventor or entrepreneur to fall into the trap of drafting their own patent application to save a few dollars. Unfortunately for many, the cost of redrafting the rejected application will be significantly higher than having a patent attorney work with them from the outset. Consulting with intellectual property professionals in the early stages of a patent application will save people time, energy, and money trying to navigate the complexities of intellectual property law.

The Minnesota law firm of Kaufhold & Dix is a go-to solution for patent law with their unmatched experience, friendly environment, transparent fee structure, and reputation for delivering time-sensitive services.


Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law is dedicated solely to intellectual property law. Their goal is to help solo inventors and small-business owners protect their creations, to help them reap the benefits of their ingenuity and hard labor. With offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, their specialized focus assures clients skilled, reliable and proficient counsel for all of their patent law needs. Contact a lawyer at Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law for free legal advice on how to patent your invention or trademark your brand.

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