Complete Service Flat Fee Patent Applications

Unlike other law firms, our flat fees include the writing of the application, drawings and arguments up to the first of either a final rejection or allowance. Don’t be caught up in low upfront fees that balloon as the process goes forward. Kaufhold and Dix offers affordable IP protection for all your needs and provides financing options to help you budget your legal fees in a cost effective manner.

Free Initial Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions, learn your needs, and help you determine what options are best for you and your business.


Our Legal Fees

We include all of our services in a complete service flat fee agreed upon before work starts. There are no hidden costs.

Don’t be fooled by low flat fee offerings for filing a patent application. At Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law, you pay once throughout the entire patent application process from the time of filing until the resolution of your case (either an allowance or final rejection).

Read all of the associated costs of other flat fee firms and often you will find that you will be billed separately for different aspects including hundreds of dollars for patent drawings as well as several thousand dollars for required responses to office actions (rejections) from the patent office. Many times, the person offering the flat fee will not even mention what the exact charges are for the drawings and office action replies in advance. You might even be charged handling fees to simply forward issue fees to the Patent Office. In the end the total cost for legal fees can be at least $10,000 and will often be more than $12,000. We include all of our services in a complete service flat fee agreed upon before work starts, and there are no hidden costs.

Further, we highly advise against using services that provide low cost “assistance” where you are actually the one writing the application with presumed oversight by a third party not putting their contact information on your application filing. If they are not willing to tell the USPTO they represent you, then they are not standing behind their work. In 20+ years of assisting clients, we have seen filings that are fatally flawed costing the inventor not only time and money, but the loss of patent rights due to statutory time restrictions necause they relied upon an insufficient filing.

Patent & Trademark Fees

Utility Patents

starting at $4000

Design Patents



starting at $1195

Nonprovisional Utility Patent Application

Responses To USPTO Patent Application Office Actions

Patent Search and Opinion Letter

Provisional Patent Application

Design Patent Fees

Trademark Filings

Nonprovisional Utility Patent Application

  • $4,000 to $9,000 flat fee.
  • $4,000 to $7,000 for mechanical applications depending on complexity.
  • $5,000 to $8,000 for electrical applications.
  • $6,000 to $9,000 for highly technical areas such as chemical, medical, biological and computer related applications.
  • The above fees, as explained below, further include all required responses to office actions up to and until receipt of a final office action or an allowance, whichever comes first.
  • Government fees to be paid by client.

Responses To USPTO Patent Application Office Actions

  • $ -0- No fee for replying to the USPTO as they are included in the complete service flat fee. These replies are typically needed between 12 and 36 months after the filing of the original application. There is always at least one reply required and often two or more. You will not receive any bills from our firm to handle these replies regardless of how many replies are needed up until you receive either an allowance or a final office action.
  • $ -0- No fee for filling out routine forms for the USPTO or for forwarding issues fees to the USPTO.

Patent Search and Opinion Letter

  • $490 with a reply in eight to 10 business days.
  • $950 for a rush reply within three business days.
  • The search includes finding inventions similar to yours found in printed matter of the US and foreign patent offices as well as a simple search of websites. The search usually includes 10-15 prior art references and the opinion provides an analysis of those references with respect to your invention. This process will give you the confidence that your invention is potentially patentable before you spend funds on further development or the protecting of your idea. The fees for the search and opinion may be varied after the consultation to account for highly technical inventions or those having multiple embodiments.

Provisional Patent Application

  • $1,500 to $2,500 flat fee includes preparation of mechanical and light electrical applications, a flat fee for chemical, biological and computer-related applications will be determined after a free initial consultation.
  • $350 for figures if professionally rendered figures are needed, though typically they are not.
  • Government fees to be paid by client.

Design Patent Fees

  • $1,200 flat fee, preparation of a design patent application; includes drawings.
  • $ -0- No fee for office actions; included in the preparation fee.
  • $500 flat fee, preparation of a design patent application, including drawings if the applicant is also filing a utility patent application at the same time.
  • Government fees to be paid by client.

Trademark Filings

  • $1,495 flat fee for the filing of an Actual Use application; includes the government fees.
  • $1,195 flat fee for filing an Intent to Use application; includes the government filing fees.
  • $550 fee to file Actual Use Statement (when the mark is used after originally filing an intent to use application); includes government filing fees.
  • $750 state and federal database word search.
  • $425 per hour to respond to any trademark actions; typically a trademark action response requires less than two hours.

Copyright & Other Fees

Copyright Registration


Hourly Fee


Copyright Registration Fees

Hourly Fees

Copyright Fees

  • $495 flat fee for registering for a copyright, includes batch filings (i.e. multiple songs or photographs).
  • Discounts for multiple filings.
  • Government fees to be paid by client.

Hourly Fees

  • $425 per hour for actions that are required outside of the above tasks including, for example, preparing or reviewing license agreements, responding to or initiating infringement inquiries and the like.