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Kaufhold & Dix is a law firm dedicated solely to patent, trademark and copyright law. With offices in Edina, Minnesota, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, our specialized focus assures clients skilled, reliable and proficient counsel for all of their intellectual property needs.

As patent law practitioners, we help solo inventors and small-business owners protect their intellectual property assets. With 20-plus years of patent law experience — and over 1,900 patents obtained for our clients — our experience runs the spectrum of inventions from mechanical to chemical, biological to electrical, design and beyond.

We offer flat fee services that are reasonable, affordable and shockingly free of hidden costs. Our advertised flat fee includes everything from filing, to patent drawings, to post-filing patent office actions. Don’t be nickel and dimed — or fooled — by other so-called flat fee patent firms that charge fees that are anything but flat.


Our goal at Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law is not only to help you protect your creations – your intellectual property assets – but also to guide and educate you so you can make smart decisions regarding those assets, both now and in the future.

For that reason, we offer free initial consultations. Our intellectual property lawyers want to find the right option for you – without you having to worry about paying for it. We will provide you with the candid and straightforward consultation you need to make an educated decision. If we think your invention isn’t patentable, or that you aren’t ready for trademark protection, we will tell you. We are here to help you make informed business decisions – and we take that responsibility seriously.


At Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law, we also believe in providing reasonable and affordable services to our clients. To that end, we offer flat fee services that are a single fee – period. As our client, you will never be surprised by an unexpected, exorbitant bill. You will know upfront – before we begin any work – what your expected total out-of-pocket costs will be.

Unlike many other intellectual property firms, our complete service flat fee covers you throughout the entire process – from preparation of an application to the time of filing and on through to a final determination by the patent examiner. While other firms will bill you multiple times throughout the process – for patent drawings, post-filing office actions, and more – there are no hidden costs in our complete service flat fee structure. Everything is included in our fee – and you’ll know that fee upfront.

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Protect your invention by getting a utility or design patent.


Protect your brand name or logo by filing a trademark application.


Protect your original artistic or literary work with a copyright.

Our Process

Although the process for obtaining a patent is complex — and can vary greatly depending on the exact nature of your invention and the prior art — we’ve distilled it down to a few essential steps.

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