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How can I protect my intellectual property?

If you have invented a unique item or come up with some distinct ideas in the Sioux Falls area, you should take measures to protect your work and efforts. There are many things that happen that could cause you to lose the rights to your creations. For example, someone you are working closely with could steal your ideas and claim your inventions as his or her own. There is also the possibility of another person producing and selling your creations for personal financial gain. 

There are legal protections available that inventors and entrepreneurs can use to restrict others from using, manufacturing and profiting from their ideas, certain concepts and inventions without their permission. Here is a brief overview of a few options you can use to protect your efforts and intellectual property

Apply for trademark protection 

Any unique designs, processes, brand names, catchphrases, logos and symbols that you come up with can be used by other people. Other entrepreneurs can also apply to receive intellectual property rights of ownership. To prevent those issues from occurring, you have the option of applying for a trademark to inform others that these belong to you. Intellectual concepts, designs, logos, symbols, words and phrases that are granted trademarks have the "TM" letters on them. 

File for copyright protection 

If you are more involved with the creative process in the form of writing, art, software and music, you should consider copyrighting your work. Copyrights give you the legal right to file lawsuits against anyone who uses your work without your consent. The government grants copyrights for both unpublished and published written works, songs, architecture, software and theatrical pieces. Some entrepreneurs find a copyright beneficial because it allows them to establish their credibility and public record of ownership. 

Apply for a patent 

Design, utility and plant patents are intellectual property protections commonly used by entrepreneurs. If you were to come up with a process or device, you could apply for a utility patent to prevent others from duplicating your work and profiting off it without your permission. You can also use utility patents to prevent intellectual property rights infringement of unique innovations of existing designs, processes and production methods. 

When trying to decide if you should apply for patents, trademarks and copyrights, you must take a variety of factors and concerns into consideration. Ultimately, you want to protect your company, hard work and creations. You may find it beneficial to work with an attorney who can offer guidance and help you protect your interests.

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