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Trademark Protection

Unsure whether you need trademark protection for your new company brand name, product logo, symbol or slogan? Chances are good you do. In business matters, it's always wise to protect anything related to your brand, and this important symbol is a unique identifier of your company and what it stands for.

At Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law, our seasoned trademark attorneys provide knowledgeable, insightful trademark advocacy to clients throughout the U.S. — all from our offices in Edina, Minnesota, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. With over two decades of experience, our lawyers are here to help you with all of your trademark issues and questions, including the application, processing and registration of your mark.

What Exactly Does A Trademark Protect?

A trademark is typically a unique word, symbol or phrase that identifies a company, product or brand. If you offer a service, the identifying mark is called a service mark. The mark for goods is typically imprinted directly on the product or on its packaging. A service mark is used as an identifying symbol for advertisements of services offered.

Federal trademark laws require that a mark cannot be similar in appearance, meaning or even sound like another mark that is already being used for a similar service or product. Here are some examples of things that can be trademarked:

  • Product packaging and design
  • Company and product names
  • Symbols
  • Unique logos, slogans and phrases
  • Domain names that label a service or product
  • Specific color combinations

Registering a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office gives the registrant the exclusive right to use the mark anywhere in the U.S. If someone uses the mark after you have registered it, you can file an infringement case against the illegal use.

Trademark Your Symbol To Protect Your Product Or Service

The legal team at Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law understands the registration process and has over 20 years of trademark experience — we have the knowledge and insight necessary to assist you through the trademark process every step of the way. Our flat fees make the process very affordable and provides you the peace of mind knowing your unique mark is protected.

Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your trademark needs. Use this easy contact form to reach us online or call our offices at 605-334-1571 for Sioux Falls or 612-216-1161 for the Twin Cities.