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When an inventor receives USPTO letters regarding a patent application

Given the complexity of patent applications and the great amount of effort preparing one can involve, an inventor may feel a great deal of relief once their application is filed. However, it is important for them to remember their work isn’t over yet. Once a patent application is filed, there remain some very impactful steps in the patent process. This includes responding to correspondence sent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in connection to the application.

Do you need a provisional patent?

After years of careful research, planning, hard work and sacrifice, you have finally come up with an invention you want to patent. If it is still in the developmental stages and you want first-to-invent rights to it, you may want to consider filing a provisional patent. Many believe that provisional patents are a waste of time and resources. However, there are some ways it can benefit your situation. 

The decision of what patent application to file

Many decisions can come up for an inventor during the process of pursuing a patent. What choices are made in these decisions can have major ramifications regarding how able an inventor is to achieve their goals and aims regarding their invention and the protection of it. So, how accurate of information an inventor has on how good of a fit the various choices available to them would be for their particular circumstances can matter quite a bit when such decisions come up. This is why the advice and representation of a skilled patent attorney can be a crucial thing for an inventor to have throughout the various decisions related to the patent process.

Promoting innovation in a small business

Innovation can play a very important role for a small business. Coming up with new products and services well-tailored to the needs of their customers can help a company with staying competitive in their market. So, the level of innovation at a company can have plenty of financial impacts for it. This can particularly be the case in cutting-edge industries.

Can processes be patented?

Patents are often associated with products or devices. However, inventing a product or device is not the only potentially valuable innovation a person could make. For example, they could invent a new manufacturing or technical process. Can processes, like more traditional inventions, be patented?

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