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Invented in 1914 in St. Paul, making skates lighter and stronger.


Prepare for a detailed discussion before you meet with a patent attorney

To represent you effectively, your patent attorney needs to understand your idea inside and out. To boost your chances of getting a patent, you need to know how to explain your idea to your lawyer. Organize every bit of information to allow you to articulate what your invention is and how it works. Patent attorneys, nor the USPTO, require you to have a fully operational prototype or even good drawings, and they are good at deciphering the “chicken scratch on the napkin” moments, but the more that you can provide, the smoother the process will be.


Understand the fee structure.  We offer flat fee patent service.

Different patent law firms have different payment policies. To avoid fees that constantly increase as the process goes forward, consider partnering with a firm like Kaufhold & Dix that offers a flat fee without hidden costs. Our flat fee covers everything, including the drawings, writing of the application, and responses to office actions (responses to Patent Office rejections and inquiries). Before committing to an attorney, don’t be afraid to ask for a cost breakdown.


It is easy to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with our patent attorneys

Take advantage of our free consultation and book an appointment with us.  Meet face-to-face with an experienced intellectual property lawyer. This way, you will understand the process better, obtain clarification of any concerns that might have, and ensure that you are traveling the right path before you make mistakes that could cost you many thousands of dollars and the risk of losing your rights.


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Jared De Santis


Very knowledgeable attorney's. Very impressed at their ability to interperet my invention into words. I received my patent from the USPTO and couldn't have done it without their help and expertise. I highly recommend Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law.

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Anjanette Broadhurst


Absolutely Amazing! They're very knowledgeable, timely, cost-effective, informative, concerned, and professional. I would highly recommend them for your patent needs.


Watch this video to see 3 simple ideas that have made a huge impact. 

You never know how a simple idea can turn into a business opportunity.

One Flat Fee, Complete Service.

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Our fees are upfront and transparent.  A professional patent search and opinion are typically $490, while a non-provisional patent application, including drawings and prosecution with the USPTO, starts at $4,000.

Our goal is to help you protect your idea, your invention, your intellectual property. To that end, we offer free initial consultations that will help you determine what the right option is for you.

We are a law firm dedicated solely to patent, trademark, and copyright law. With offices in Edina, Minnesota, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, our specialized focus assures clients skilled, reliable, and proficient counsel for all of their intellectual property needs.

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Dedicated To Intellectual Property

Protect Your Invention.

We have successfully obtained thousands of patents for our clients. With strong scientific and engineering backgrounds, our patent lawyers know how to guide you through the patent process whether your invention is mechanical, chemical, electrical, or design in nature.

Big or small, all ideas can make an impact

Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law

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Our Office - Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law

At Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law, our practice is dedicated solely to intellectual property law. Our goal is to help solo inventors and small-business owners protect their creations, to help them reap the benefits of their ingenuity and hard labor. With offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, our specialized focus assures clients skilled, reliable, and proficient counsel for all of their transactional patent law needs.  Learn more on our website.


Intellectual Property Law for Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights

Closed Toe Single Blade Hockey Skates


Ice Scraper

Making grandma's tater tot hotdish extra crispy since 1953.




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Do I need a patent, trademark, or copyright?

Generally speaking, trademarks are used to indicate a source of a good, while a patent would protect the good itself. Copyrights, in a nutshell, are used to protect original works of art.

What types of patent protection are there?

The two main categories of patent protection are design patents and utility patents. Design patents cover what it looks like. Utility patents protect the article being manufactured or the method of either making the article or performing a particular task.

I intend on selling my idea, why do I need a patent?

If you intend on licensing your idea, you will generally need something filed or you have no property to license. Also, many larger companies would rather deal with inventors who already have a patent or have patent pending status.

Do I need a prototype?

You do not need a prototype but instead only need to be able to explain to us how your invention works.


The IP Playbook - An Entrepreneur's Guide To Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights
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File Your Patent Correctly

For over 20 years, the patent attorneys at Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law have been helping inventors protect their investments by filing patent applications that are filed correctly the first time.

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