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Why protecting your invention is essential

If you are an inventor, then you know just how valuable your ideas are and how important it is to protect them from others who may attempt to counterfeit or copy them as their own. One of the most important steps in terms of protecting your intellectual property is to apply for a patent for your invention.

Even the most diligent inventors sometimes experience the awful reality of another company or individual ripping off their original idea. When something like this happens, it is crucial to take the emotions out of the situation and proceed in a strategic way. 

Product bootleggers are everywhere

Inventors can never be too careful about protecting their inventions. In today's digital climate, where a Kickstarter campaign can get an invention rolling and off in the ground in no time, unscrupulous people have more opportunity than ever to steal hardworking inventors' ideas. Other inventors who have suffered the difficulties of getting ripped off have important lessons to share. One of these lessons is that you need to patent and copyright your asset before launching. You also need to continually patrol for knockoffs and profiteers who are trying to exploit your business.

Ripping off inventors is increasingly easy

Unfortunately, the vast landscape of the online world makes it all too easy for people who are looking for a quick buck to steal your idea. When you launch a new invention or product, you need to know what type of intellectual property protection is best for your particular needs. Trademarks, patents and copyrights all serve different purposes. You should research which type might apply to your particular situation.

Even if you feel relatively secure that you do not need to go through the legal process of obtaining this protection, the truth is that many inventors have regretted not doing so in the beginning. It is much more difficult to fight an infringement battle if you do not hold an original patent or other intellectual property protection. The simple solution is doing the legal groundwork in the beginning to protect yourself, your valuable ideas and your products for the long term.


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