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The major impacts of inventions

Inventions can bring about a lot of major changes in the world. MidAmerica Nazarene University put out an infographic regarding the impactfulness of inventions that our readers may find interesting. The infographic picks out the “most impactful invention” in each state.

The inventions on this list touch on all different sorts of areas, including: health, communication, transportation, military/law enforcement, sports, entertainment, food agriculture, business and home life. These inventions have had big impacts on people’s lives and, in some cases, major impacts on the economy or society as a whole.

The infographic picked the implantable pacemaker as Minnesota’s most impactful invention.

One could only imagine how incredibly different our world would be without the inventions on this list. And of course, this list is just the tip of the iceberg of impactful inventions our world has seen.

So, society can reap all kinds of benefits from the devices and innovations inventors come up with. What about inventors themselves? Are there benefits they can pursue for all the hard work and effort they put into their inventions? Giving inventors a chance to financially benefit from their inventions is one of the aims of the patent system.

Having a patent can provide an inventor with certain advantages when they are putting their invention out on the market, such as important intellectual property right protections. So, how efforts to get a patent for their invention go can have significant impacts for an inventor. This is why having experienced legal guidance on the patent application process can be so important for an inventor when pursuing a patent.

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