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Low-tech toys still have a big place in the market

Technology has come to play a bigger and bigger role in people’s lives lately, particularly among young people. This might lead some to assume that high-tech toys would be king these days in the toy market. However, it appears that such an assumption would be inaccurate. While there are plenty of high-tech toys out there, data on market trends indicate that low-tech toys continue to have a dominant role in the toy market.

Recent data indicates that 2016 saw sales increases in various types of low-tech toys, including classic toys, games/puzzles, adult party games and family strategy games.

So, for toy inventors, it appears that in addition to there being new opportunities opened up by technology, there are still plenty of opportunities out there in the market when it comes to lower-tech toys.

When a person has invented a toy, whether it be high-tech or low-tech in nature, one thing that can be very impactful is what they end up doing when it comes to patent matters. Whether their toy ends up getting patent protection could have many impacts on a toy inventor as they put their toy out on the market. Now, the process of seeking out of patent for an invention has many complex steps, and getting things right in each of the steps can be crucial. Skilled patent attorneys can advise toy inventors on what patent-related options they have when it comes to their inventions and can provide them with help and guidance throughout the process of filing for a patent.

Source: Inventors Digest, “A trend that doesn’t end,“ March 2017

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