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Things to Look for in a Patent Attorney

When Apple began using the word "lightning" in connection with the USB connection for the Iphone 5 and Ipad 3 docking ports, they unknowingly violated patent law. For some time, Harley-Davidson trademarked the word "lightning" in Europe. Many different products were included in this classification.

Who Will Save Us From Patent Trolls?

The business world is apparently afraid of trolls. However, these trolls are not the kind you might encounter on the way to Rivendell or Mordor. These are "patent trolls" who obtain or collect patents and then actually try to collect royalties or enforce the patents through litigation (or the threat thereof).

Who Owns the Copyright to a Patient's Online Review?

If there's one thing we can all agree upon, it's that health care costs are expensive-so expensive, in fact, that many Americans avoid treatment unless absolutely necessary. For that reason, it's especially important to select doctors known to provide quality health services. However, unlike choosing products from a store shelf, choosing quality doctors can be a daunting task. Not only does health care quality vary considerably among regions, hospitals, and providers, but significant information gaps persist in the health care sector as well. Accordingly, patients need a reliable method to make informed decisions regarding their health care.

Apple's Trademark Mistake and How to Avoid It

In 2013, a projected 2.6 million applications for patents were filed worldwide. That is more than double the number of applications from 1998 to 2010. Recently, Apple's popular iPad Mini was recently rejected by the United States Trademark Examiners to trademark its name. The reason being that the word "mini" is simply viewed as an adjective and does nothing to make the name of the overall product stand out. In order to fully grasp patent law and why Apple was denied, we must first understand what a trademark is and its purpose.

Top Five Patent Mistakes Inventors Make When They File On Their Own

Filing for a patent on your own may be cheaper than hiring a professional to do it, but is the risk of losing the invention you spent a lot of time developing worth the attempt to save a few hundred dollars? Here are the top five mistakes inventors make when they try to file their own patents.

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